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Welcome at 24-7 chairs

A perfect chair is needed for a demanding workspace. We know that chairs form an important part of the control room.

But, as sitting is an action, a perfect chair isn't always a guarantee for a good job in a control room.

Instruction in sitting is needed and variety in work is essential. You need to walk and stand once in a while too! The workspace is only a part of the solutions, but an important part!

24-h shift, shift workers and other 24-h services deserve a good worskspace with an even better chair.


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fax: +31 15 214 3323




Axia Plus 24/7
Durable computer chair with maximum comfort for control room and alike workspace.

Axia Max 24/7
Computer chair for heavy use in the control room.

Axia Focus
Confortable, ergonomic 24/7 chair for surveillance tasks in a control room.

Secur 24 (new!)
Confortable, robust 24/7 chair for surveillance tasks in a control room.

Replaced by the BMASecur 24!